Church History

The Elizabeth Baptist Church was organized on Cherry Street, April 22, 1922 by Rev. C. W. Lee with 25 members, all of which have departed this life for a better one.  Some of the original charter members were:  Frank Bennett, Denia Bennett, Ernest Jones, Annie Jones, Norah Duff, Bettie Duff, William Pride, Beaulah Pride, Manless Mixon, Adeline Mixon, Virginia Woody, Rosa Lucas, Willie Henderson, Fannie Lee, Willie Williams, Dink Fault, Dennis Mc Donald and Linsey Johnson, Earnest B. Jones was the only ordained deacon.  Its first auxiliary was the Mission with Addie Bennett as its first President.
Since the year 1922 the previous pastors of the Elizabeth Baptist Church have been Rev. C. W. Lee , Rev. W. L. Ingram, Rev. A. C. Carswell, Rev. W. L. Ingram, Rev. Donan, Rev. Rhode, Rev. Odom, Rev. George, Rev. H. N. Wheeler, Rev. A. J. Garrett, Rev. E. C. Fields, Rev. E. D. White, Rev. L. A. Simon, Rev. Robert L. Douglas, Rev. Hycel B. Taylor, Rev. Arthur Stevens, and Minister Henry Clinkscale, Jr.
In 1931, Mrs. Caroline Hazeltine donated to the Church, property located at
1846 Lawrence Street.  The Rev. W. L. Ingram was the Pastor during this time.
In early 1954, the Church became divided; some of the membership left andorganized what is called today  the  Phillip Memorial Baptist Church .
In November, 1954, the church called as its pastor, the Rev. Lonnie Simon.  Under the leadership of Rev. Simon, the church membership increased.  He served for five years.

On January 8, 1956 the church moved to 328 S. Forest . On September 1, 1957 dedication was held, the mortgage on the church was burned.  A six year mortgage was paid off in 21/2 years.  In 1956 Rev. Simon ordained Deacon Eddie Williams, and ordained four ministers which included Pastor Joe Banks ton, and Pastor Elizabeth Powell.  He also ordained five deacons which includes Dec. Edward Bell who currently serves as a Deacon.  Rev. Simon resigned in 1959.

In April of 1969, Elizabeth sold its property on Forest and moved to 1452 Wilson Avenue.                                                                

In July 1969 the church called as its pastor the Rev. Henry Clinkscale, Jr., then Pastor of Beulah Baptist Church, the church progressed both spiritually and financially.  In July 1970 we purchased the Emanuel Baptist Church and parsonage at 7 and 11 South Avenue for $35,000.00.  The Church was rededicated and the cornerstone was laid when a six-and-one half year mortgage was paid in less than three years.  Pastor Clinkscale licensed eleven ministers including the current Pastor, and three women.  He ordained five ministers which include Pastor Larry Parker.   Pastor Clinkscale has also ordained 16 deacons during 38 year tenure at Elizabeth . The membership voted that Rev. Walter Walker become the Assistant Pastor in 1994.

A Building Fund was established in honor of James M. Tillman  “So Build We the Wall” from Nehemiah 4:6.  At the April 25, 2003 Quarterly Meeting, $259,459.10 had been raised  towards the new building fund.  July 18, 2003, 13 Lots were acquired through the City of Youngstown ’s Land Bank Program for additional land for the new edifice.  With the replat the new address of the Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church will be 1210 Himrod Avenue Ground Breaking Services were held September 21, 2003 for Phase 1, the Sanctuary.

On July 11, 2004 the Corner Stone was laid at 1210 Himrod Avenue and on July 18, 2004, the Elizabeth Missionary Baptist church held Dedication Services at 4:00 p.m. at 7 S. Garland Avenue and we held our first service at our new edifice at 1210 Himrod Avenue on September 12, 2004.

January 18, 2008, Pastor Henry Clinkscale, Jr. retired effective March 14, 2008. He has been our Pastor, Shepherd and Counselor for 38 years so with spiritual love and appreciation the church accepted his resignation. At a special meeting July 27, 2008 the Pastor became Pastor Emeritus of the Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church .

On May 23, 2008, Minister J. Dwayne Heard was voted to be the Pastor of the Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church , his first sermon as pastor was June 1, 2008 and installation was held August 16, 2008. Our challenge, under Pastor Heard, is to continue membership efforts and remain concerned about our members being fully committed to Christ.  Indeed, with prayer, grace and proposed action, Elizabeth will continue to be blessed as we move into our new endeavors for we are a City set on hill that cannot be hid.